Top 5 ways to procrastinate (before getting back to work)

the words to do and a yellow post-it note

Oh how we’d love to believe our blog readers are all accountancy-obsessed, angelic, diligent students – 24/7.

We’d be delighted to find they visit our site strictly for tips that will take them to career nirvana, with riches beyond their wildest dreams.

But in reality, we know it’s probably not the case.

And as we acknowledge the human tendency to procrastinate, we’ve listed the top 5 ways to do it* (before diving back into your AAT/ACCA studies, of course)…

Read a blog

woman at desk looking at laptop with hair across her lip like a moustache

Yep. Here you are. Reading this blog. Like many other blogs perhaps.

A blog is an easy to digest, often entertaining, piece of content that usually has some obvious appeal.

It’s an almost guilt free form of procrastination, as it’s online, and therefore you’re only ever a click away from getting back into your study platform.

See what we did there?


open packet of crisps

The age old tradition of eating to pass the time.

Without it, crisps probably wouldn’t have been invented. How often have you thought ‘I’ll get this bit of work done, then I’ll allow myself to have a packet of Pickled Onion Monster Munch?’.

Snack eating is, for many, a fairly bad vice that can lead to bad health. So if you’re going to go down that route, try to limit it.

Or perhaps eat something that’s quite healthy. Replace Cheesy Wotsits with carrots (they’re even the same colour!). 

And maybe use it to your advantage. Have a few carrots after reaching every milestone in your study session. Your Study Buddy is very methodical, so it’s probably more than easy to incorporate into this step by step guide.

Social Media

people in a line against a blackboard all looking at their mobile phones

Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – you name it. Many of us are on it. Constantly.

Click, swipe, screenprint. It’s so easy to while away the hours on our devices that this has to be the number 1 procrastination method in the history of planet earth. So we’re sure this comes as no surprise. 

What may be surprising though is you can quickly turn your wasteful social media time into a productive one – by simple visiting our eagle facebook group. 

A great tool for our students to exchange study tips and common challenges.

Preening – do hair, re apply makeup, shave, browse outfits.

three monkeys on a wall grooming each other

In these gender fluid times, preening has become a common procrastination device for many of us. Vanity has a bold and prevalent presence in today’s world, and who doesn’t want to look good? 

But perhaps there can be a more practical reason behind this? Maybe you’re meeting a friend to study with or about to attend another social encounter. Maintaining the all important work/life balance is something we value at eagle.

As we say: Feel Free to study on your terms.

Mobile games

hands on mobile phone playing game

Finally, the mobile app. Another device-based procrastination technique.

Mobile apps and games are still on the rise, and give us yet more reasons to look to our phones for casual distraction. 

However, some games can be very useful for stimulating the mind. Many are just one step away from the problem solving you may encounter when studying AAT or ACCA. So, don’t feel too bad!

Unless of course, it’s having a detrimental impact on your studies. 

So that’s our ‘list of ways to procrastinate’, or should we say ‘list of ways to enjoy mini study breaks’. 

Now, get back to work!!

*Disclaimer – in case it isn’t clear, this is fairly tongue in cheek.