International Friendship Day: Study with a buddy

Two friends doing a fist bump in a classroom

Where’d we be without our friends?

At Eagle, we value the power of good friendships. In fact, we draw on them when creating our AAT course study methods.


Friendly Learning

Our Study Buddies are a unique and approachable learning resource.

Written by our tutors, the Study Buddy helps deliver the AAT course in a coherent and bite-sized way. It makes the learning process interactive and ‘friendly’ the way it structures your study and directs you to other resources.

“It’s very helpful to chat and share tips”  Nicky Bowles-Johnson

With a Study Buddy you’ll have the opportunity to take ‘progress tests’ which you can submit to your mentor for marking. You’ll also receive feedback, which will show how much you’ve understood and if you need to revise any areas.

At the end of the unit you’ll be able to take mock exams on our e-learning zone before entering for your live exam.

“Very useful, good revision tips” – Lloyd Beeney


Practise makes perfect

Throughout the Study Buddy there’s lots of practice questions for you to complete before moving onto the text books. Once you’ve completed studying, you can take the practice assessments on our e-learning zone.

“It’s useful and motivates me” – Marina Nombela

The Study Buddy is a friendly and efficient way to make sure our students are always  prepared for a live exam. We always expect you to pass on your first attempt!

For more information, please download our brochure or contact the team today.