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Ready for advanced management accounting and financial reporting? CIMA’s CGMA® Management level is the second level of the CGMA® Professional Qualification. At this level you’ll learn about performance management, advanced management accounting, and advanced financial reporting.

After completing this level you could work as a Fund Accountant or Financial Accountant, earning around £40,000 a year. You can also continue with your Eagle subscription to progress onto the CGMA® Strategic level at no extra cost, and earn your CGMA® designation to become a Chartered Management Accountant.

About CIMA’s CGMA® Management Level

  • Entry Requirements

    You’ll need to have completed CIMA’s CGMA® Operational level to start the Management level.

  • CGMA® Management level syllabus

    By the end of CIMA’s CGMA® Management level you should have come to grips with performance management, as well as advanced management accounting and financial reporting.

    The level is made up of three Objective Tests and a Case Study.

    Objective Test subjects:

    E2 Managing Performance

    You’ll learn about the mechanisms to implement decisions and how to manage staff performance. You’ll also learn about different styles of leadership and how to improve the performance of individuals.

    Course content:
    • Business models
    • Managing people performance
    • Managing projects.

    P2 Advanced Management Accounting

    You’ll learn how costs and their drivers are used to analyse, plan and manage costs to support the organisation strategy, with a long term focus. You’ll also learn about risks with decision-making.

    Course content:
    • Managing costs
    • Capital investment decision making
    • Managing performance of organisational units
    • Risk and control.

    F2 Advanced Financial Reporting

    You’ll learn how to source the long-term finance needed for operations like capital investments. You’ll also learn about group accounting, and using financial statements to provide insights.

    Course content:
    • Financing capital projects
    • Financial reporting standards
    • Group Accounts
    • Integrated Reporting
    • Working with financial statements.

    As well as the Objective Tests, you’ll do a Case Study. This is where you’ll put your learning to the test with a real-life scenario. Using the skills gained during the level, you’ll resolve issues that a management accountant may come across at work.

  • How is this course assessed?

    Each subject is assessed by an objective test, and the level as a whole is assessed by a final Case Study.

    The Objective Tests are computer-based and are 90 minutes each. The exams can be sat at any time of the year, and can be taken in any order. All assessments are marked by computer and you will be given a provisional result at the end of the exam. This will then be confirmed on your MY CIMA account within 48 hours.

    The Case Study exam is three hours long and is computer-based. These exams are held in four exam sittings throughout the year. You must have passed all three Objective Tests before you can register to sit your Case Study exam. The exam is based on pre-seen material that will be released approximately seven weeks before the exam window. These exams are human-marked and your result will be released approximately five weeks after the exam window closes. Find out more information about
    exam dates and deadlines launch.


    For the Objective Tests you need to get a scaled score of 100, with 150 being the maximum available.

    For the Case Study exam you need to get a scaled score of 80, with 150 being the maximum available. You also need to be competent in all of the core activities at this level.


    If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, don’t worry you can resit your exam. For Objective Test subjects as these exams are on demand you can sit this as soon as you feel ready, for Case Study you will need to wait for the next quarterly exam sitting.

    Booking your exams

    Log in your MY CIMA account and select ‘schedule your exam’. This will transfer you to the Pearson VUE website where you can select your exam, date, and time, and complete your booking.

  • What’s included and what support will I get?
    • Tutor-led knowledge and application modules, delivered by Kaplan, CIMA’s only official publisher. Every module and topic has been through a detailed design process to make sure each area is explained clearly, and gives you the knowledge you need to pass your exams.
    • Unlimited access to CIMA’s CGMA® Management level content with access to other levels, empowering you to progress when you’re ready, at no extra cost.
    • Integrated Kaplan Workbook: interactive learning guide that you will use alongside your online tutor-led videos. The integrated workbook helps you keep all your notes in one place, making revision easier and more efficient
    • For Case Study, you’ll receive specific resources written especially for the live pre-seen scenario
    • Study Text: the only CIMA approved text, written by Kaplan Publishing, with full syllabus coverage
    • Exam Kit: the only CIMA approved exam kit, with hundreds of practice questions to get you exam ready
    • Study programme: a guide to give you structure to your studies, bringing together all elements of your learning. Made by expert tutors, it will guide you through the whole syllabus
    • Online practice questions: interactive practice questions for every subject plus an auto marked mock exam. Realistic case studies provide context of how concepts will be seen in real life
    • You’re fully supported with access to expert tutors, seven days a week. Responding via email within four working hours.
    • You’ll be assigned a mentor to help and guide you through the order of subjects to study. You can contact them wherever you need to throughout your course and get a response within 24 hours, Monday to Friday
    • Your subscription includes all the online content you need to succeed, but if you want to supplement your learning with books, Eagle students get 50% off hard copy study materials.

    CIMA registration, student membership, and exam fees not included.

    For full details on Academic and Mentor support opening hours, please visit the contact us page.

  • What could I do next?

    After completing this level, you could go into roles such as a Fund Accountant or Financial Accountant, and earn up to £40,000 a year. Alternatively if you want to continue studying, your Eagle subscription gives you unlimited access to all levels, meaning you can move onto the CIMA’s CGMA® Strategic level to become a fully Chartered Management Accountant and earn the CGMA® designation.

  • Additional costs

    You will need to register with CIMA as a student and pay a registration and annual student membership fee, as well as exam fees. These fees are in addition to your course fees. Find out more about these fees on the AICPA & CIMA website launch.

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CIMA Membership →



You are required to become a student member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) to fulfil your qualification.

Become a member on the AICPA & CIMA website launch

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Booking your exams →



Log in your My CIMA account and select ‘schedule your exam’. This will transfer you to the Pearson VUE website where you can select your exam, date and time and complete your booking.

Case Study courses will be available for the August exam sitting onwards.

Book an exam on the AICPA & CIMA website launch

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