Stop doubting yourself, you can do it! Eagle Interview

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Laura Whalley wasn’t sure she’d succeed. Her AAT journey was often stifled by mental hurdles she was determined to overcome.

However, with perseverance and the support Eagle have provided, she has now reached AAT level 4 and continues to prove her doubts wrong.

This story is not uncommon, but telling it can help inspire those who feel similar when taking a bold new step. Here is Laura’s story.


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I currently work as an Accounts Assistant and have been in Accounting for about 4 years.


When did you decide to study AAT, and what made you choose this course?

I started in 2016, at level 2. I wanted to start at the beginning and learn the basics.


What made you choose Eagle to study AAT?

It was recommended by other people at my work.


How do you separate time between studying, working and just living your life?

It’s really hard to manage. But I make sure I have time for myself, my family, and friends. I don’t want the studying to rule my life, but I do recognise that it is important.

“All future roles that I would like to consider, require this qualification”


What do you like the most about studying AAT?

When something clicks and you think ‘I did that. I taught myself that!’


What do you dislike the most about studying AAT?

Failing an exam, it’s just horrible!


Do you feel AAT will provide you with new career prospects?

Absolutely, all future roles that I would like to consider require this qualification – even preferred
over degrees, in some cases.


Have you faced any difficult obstacles whilst studying for AAT?

I was unwell and in hospital for some time last year and it took me away from studying for my AAT Level 3 exam.

“It was the best decision I ever made”


How did you overcome those obstacles?

Amazingly I passed. I allowed myself time to recover, and also made time to revise.


If you could give advice to somebody considering studying AAT, what would it be?

Just do it!!! I dabbled with the idea for a few years before and then decided to take the plunge. It was the best decision I ever made.


Finally, in just three words, describe your experience of AAT so far.

Challenging. Successful. Proud.


You might surprise yourself – take a leap

AAT is a broad church. It’s accessible and taught to a variety of people at different stages and different levels of their career. The one common thread: it’s accessible to all and is a gateway to a career in accountancy.

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