Accountancy Rock God – Best of Both Worlds

Guitarist on stage


Chris Thomas leads a double life: an accountancy enthusiast, and a rock legend (in his own right).

After leaving the music industry – full time – he entered the ‘real world’ to resume his studies and study AAT.

Today he’s found his niche, working in a role that combines his knowledge of both music and accountancy.


When you decided to study AAT, why Eagle?

I wanted to have a distance learning experience so I could fit it in with work. I also didn’t want a completely on-line system, so Eagle really stood out with their Study Buddy.

Eagle didn’t seem (and are not) like a corporate, money-grabbing company. They’re  very friendly and I think that clinched it for me.


Eagle offer various support options, including: the Study Buddy, private Facebook group, on hand tutor/mentor support etc. How useful have you found these?

The tutors are brilliant and patient. They say that responses can take a fortnight, but I think the longest I’ve had to wait has been a couple of hours.

I learn independently, but the Study Buddy is an incredible resource. It’s well written, and in sensible sized units. The Osborne books are very good and well written too – but the Study Buddy gives a great overview of fairly dense content.

I felt like the Study Buddy was a lecture – then you read the Osborne books for further study.


How do you separate time between studying, working and having a life?

I have no idea – how do you do that? I set aside between 1.5 and 2 hours a day for my study. My partner is very supportive and allows me the time and space for this.

“The tutors are brilliant and patient. They say that responses can take a fortnight, but I think the longest I’ve had to wait has been a couple of hours.”


What’s your favourite part of studying AAT?

I enjoy learning new things, and I found things like Management Accounting Costing really interesting and useful. I can apply it to our business.


What’s your least favourite part of studying AAT?

Honestly, I don’t really have a least favourite part! Probably the worst bit is booking the assessment – the clock starts ticking from that moment!


Have you faced any obstacles throughout your studying?

Work and life obviously get in the way of study – and it’s been the same for me.

But giving myself 2 hours a day to study means I get through the module ok. I also knew that I could contact my mentor if I needed help getting back on track.


Because of the AAT qualification, do you feel you have new career prospects?

Hopefully! I’m currently studying for the Professional Diploma which I think will really give me new options.


If you could give advice to somebody considering AAT, what would it be?

Do it! Just be prepared to put in the time.


Finally, in just three words, describe your experience studying AAT with Eagle so far:

Interesting, rewarding, enjoyable!


Accountancy is versatile

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