Accounting stereotypes – why we’re not boring maths nerds!

Man in glasses and red bow tie at desk with toy abacus

Boring bean counter? Number-crunching maths nerd? I’m sure there are many unattractive things you’ve heard accountants being called.

So we’re here to blow those myths out of the water!


1 – Accountants are nerds

We might be good with numbers, but we’re not all maths geniuses. We let Excel spreadsheets do a lot of the work. And not every accountant passes their exams first time. Many of us are extremely creative, thinking of ways to solve difficult problems that might not be immediately obvious.

Accountants have lives outside of work too – interesting hobbies not based on numbers. Some of us surf or get up on stage and sing. So “nerd” can be removed from the list of stereotypes – thank you very much!


2 – Accountants are boring

Oh dear – that’s not true at all! There’s no set personality for an accountant, just as there isn’t for any other type of job. Yes you’ll find introverts, but you’ll also find really interesting people from varied backgrounds and jobs.


3 – Accountants are tight with cash

We know how to look after our money, yes, but we’re not perfect. There will always be accountants out there that are better with the business finances than their own finances.

We’re not about not spending money – we’re about spending money carefully and managing finances successfully. Hey, we’re the ones to come to to help you budget events, parties, Christmas, and holidays!


4 – Accountants aren’t sociable

We have no idea where this one comes from.

A lot of the time we have to network and make connections in the business world – and you have to be sociable to do that. We have lives outside our jobs – friends, family, hobbies – just like anyone else. And rumour has it, you can find accountants in the pub after a long week at work!

So if you think accountancy is for you, but worried about the stereotypes, don’t be! You’re still you, no matter what job you’re doing.

If you want to find out more about getting qualified as an accountant, feel free to check out our AAT and ACCA pages for more information.