Top 5 reasons to consider a vocational route into accountancy

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With so many factors to take into account when making the decision to continue educational studies, it is not surprising that most people find it difficult!

All too often, the end result is to simply go along with what others are doing: embark on an academic course and follow a path that is considered the norm – regardless of whether it is the right path!

But what other choices do we have?  One possible answer is – vocational courses and the Association of Accounting of Technician’s (AAT) Bookkeeping and Accountancy qualifications provide an ideal route into the Accountancy Profession.


So what can an AAT accountancy vocational course offer that many academic courses cannot?

1. COST SAVINGS providing a greater return on your investment

The cost of studying vocational courses can be far cheaper than embarking on a traditional academic course.  Not only are there significant course fees associated with academic courses, there are living expenses to consider also.  The average student will leave University with tens of thousands of pounds of debt.  Taking an AAT accountancy course, although will undoubtedly have costs associated with it, does work out far cheaper in the long term.  The return on the investment from AAT training can be much greater as your earning potential will be the same as a graduate.


2. FLEXIBILITY providing opportunities for faster career progression as you can gain valuable work experience as you learn

Studying vocationally can often be done with greater flexibility to fit around other commitments.  Studying a traditional academic course can often leave little time left to be able to care for a family or take on paid employment for instance. Having the potential opportunity to work in the accountancy sector whilst studying AAT bookkeeping or accounting qualifications, enables the practical application of knowledge and skills gained during learning and the attainment of valuable work experience.


3. SPECIALISED – AAT consult with employers when they develop their qualifications

Vocational courses are specially designed to develop the knowledge and skills required for a particular field.  Rather than being very generalised, as some academic courses can be, the learning that takes place on AAT courses is practical and specific.  If you already have an idea of your career goals, this type of learning may be the most appropriate, covering the most relevant content.


4. CREDIBILITY – AAT courses often carry greater credibility with employers

Due to the specialised nature of AAT courses, they provide employers with confidence that individuals are committed and well prepared to enter an accountancy career.  For this reason, employers are also often willing to support AAT studies.

Furthermore, achievement of an AAT qualification can give access to professional membership options, with a range of benefits including technical and ethical advice and support, resources to keep skills and knowledge up to date and the opportunity to be your own boss and become self-employed!


5. ACCELERATE your achievements and your career

The structure of vocational courses can often lead to their achievement much quicker than would be observed in pursuing the academic route.  In 2 – 3 years, whilst an academic student could still be in the full swing of university life, an AAT student could have achieved a full professional qualification, professional membership and have gained valuable work experience alongside, leading them on to potential accelerated career progress! Each AAT level is recognised and certificated upon achievement, each being a qualification in its own right.  This provides more flexibility in the decision of how far to progress in an accountancy career and less precious time being wasted if a change of heart does occur.

It is important to realise that academic courses are not suited to everyone but that does not mean that unless they are pursued it is impossible to have a successful, fulfilling career.  There are other options available and careful consideration is required before making such a big decision.  Learning is a lifelong process and there is nothing that states academic courses cannot be studied later on in life if they are more suitable at that time.


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