Winner of AAT’s first Distance Learning Provider of the Year Award

Award winning rosette with AAT logo

This year the AAT introduced awards to celebrate the successes of their approved training providers, their tutors and students.  In addition to winning the Distance Learning Provider of the Year Award we also won AAT Student of the Year Award with one of our students! To say we are absolutely ecstatic us an understatement! 100% achievement rate for us!

For AAT to choose a winner centres had to illustrate how they engage with students, highlight unique features of their provision and demonstrate how they are making a difference to the success of their students and their employers.

Our students are soaring to success

The AAT exam pass rates for eagle students have always been impressive.  In the first quarter of 2014 the:

  • Level 2 exam pass rate is 99% seeing 100% pass rates in 4 out of 5 subject areas
  • Level 3 exam pass rate is 94% seeing 100% pass rates in 2 out of 6 subject areas
  • Level 4 exam pass rate is 83% seeing 100% pass rates in 2 out of 6 subject areas

The pass rates are calculated from AAT’s monthly exam reports.

In 2013 we asked our students for feedback on how our training and qualification was making a difference to their careers.  Students had overcome redundancy, changed careers, been promoted and established their own small businesses.  The stories were so inspiring that we invited four of our students to share their experiences on video:

And it goes without saying that our training, support and the AAT qualification has made a real difference to Sarah Williams who won AAT Student of the Year Award, as she overcome redundancy and homelessness!

We are different and that’s why we stand out!

After reflecting on her own learning experience, the Director, Sonya Ashbarry, figured that she could make a real difference to a student’s learning experience, confidence and workplace readiness by significantly increasing the standards of training for AAT students so in 2002 eagle was born as an AAT approved assessment centre.

Students give us impressive feedback as our learning tools and support help them master long lasting skills which are needed to feel confident and competent and they help them pass their exams first time which is evident from our exam pass rates!

David Weston says

It’s been really good studying on my own, I’m actually enjoying it this time round and don’t see it as another chore. The study buddy is a fantastic package and explains clearly everything you need to know. It has the right balance of information and the layout is perfect. I like how it has been split into manageable chapters, this way it doesn’t seem as daunting when you are going through it and you can easily set yourself mini targets.

Annette Wilson says

I would just like to pass on my grateful thanks for the Moodle presentations for the Fixed Overhead variance analyses which have proved to be a big help in the understanding of calculating all the relevant variances.  As it has been said, the fixed overhead variances are probably the most difficult to get your head around but I have a much better understanding of the calculations involved!!  I just felt it necessary to say how good your Moodle presentations are and how they provide a clear and concise way of demonstrating the calculations and explaining what they represent.

Thank you also to our customers and colleagues for the congratulations!  Your comments are really heart warming:

Gary Cullen LBW Chartered Accountant, Wirral

Congratulations!  All the hard work was worthwhile and what‘s more it demonstrates that your business model and perhaps more importantly your approach is appreciated by those who matter.

Sarah (student)

And congratulations on winning the AAT award, well deserved as I think your material (and the support) is really first class. I would recommend Eagle to anyone

Debbie (student)

I just want to say congratulations to you and the Eagle Education team on winning the AAT Distance Learner of the Year Award!  I started distance learning with Eagle Education in January and so far I cannot praise you enough! From the moment I made the initial phone call enquiring about the course, to managing my studying and taking exams I have had nothing but great support from Eagle Education & Training.

Sonya believes Eagle’s success is due to having a clear purpose, strong values, absolute determination, a fabulous team who completely support eagle’s culture and fantastic customers who trust us with assisting them to achieve their ambitions.

So a great big congratulations to the team at Eagle and our students for their hard work and dedication which has helped us win this prestigious award!