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Becoming an Accountant

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Why Study Accounting?

Accountants are essential for business growth. They help a business run more efficiently by performing financial operations, and it’s a very rewarding career.



What Does an Accountant Do?

Accountants work in a wide range of job roles in both financial and management accounting functions. Past and present performance is continuously evaluated so that the organisation’s business operations can be carefully planned and controlled.

As a financial accountant, you provide historical records to comply with legislation. Your tasks will include bookkeeping, financial accounts preparation, taxation, auditing, reporting and communicating, and systems management.

If you go down the management accounting route, you’ll be focussed on strategic planning. You can expect to be involved in: budget setting, cost control, strategic planning, performance evaluation, investment appraisal, and systems management.



How Much Could You Earn?

Accountancy is one of the highest paid professions in the world.

Accountant speaking with a client After completing the Foundation (Level 2) course, you can earn up to £23,000.
After completing the Advanced (Level 3) course, you can earn up to £25,000.
After completing the Professional (Level 4) course, you can earn up to £37,000.

If you continue with your studies after AAT, and become a chartered accountant, you’ll be among the top earners in the UK, with an average salary of £35,000. With three to four years of experience, this can rise to £60,000.



Where Can I Work?

Accountancy opens the door to a wealth of opportunities and career paths. After qualifying, you’ll be able to work in senior roles in global blue chip companies, public sector institutions, and non-profit organisations.

Here are a few different career options available to you:

Management Accountant

A management accountant uses strategic information to help their company succeed. You’ll employ problem solving, commercial awareness, and communication skills to help develop solutions. You’ll be to go-to person for all things financial, to set up and monitoring budgets, growing your business, and supporting new products. You can work globally for finance, management, HR, marketing, and operations departments, or even start your own business.

Taxt Technician

Tax is everywhere, and it takes a quick-thinking mind to meets the demands of a constantly changing area. You’ll find yourself working with people and business to prepare tax returns, advise on how investment or mergers can affect a business’ tax, and learn new laws to write documentation. To go down this route we recommend taking the ATT and CTA qualifications.

Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountant has an exciting career, and you can work with several departments including banks, the government, the police, and businesses. You’ll be working in a challenging environment, working out whether financial discrepancies are simple errors, or intentional crimes. You’ll be reviewing financial records, contracts, communication and bank statements, and you can even provide your findings in court.



How to Get Qualified as an Accountant

You don’t need any previous experience or qualification to begin the Level 2 Foundation Certificate, just a willingness to learn. Suitable for anyone ranging from school leavers to stay-at-home mums, career changers and graduates, the course teaches you the basics of accountancy and provides a solid foundation. After completing the Level 4 Professional Diploma, you will be an account technician. You can then continue with your studies and become a chartered accountant.
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