Webinar: AAT Study Tips with Rachel Harris

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We recently held a webinar with Rachel Harris, founder of @accountant_she and StriveX accountants.

Whether you have prior accounting experience or not, the AAT Study Tips webinar will certainly help to prepare you for all levels and subjects of the AAT qualification. Rachel and co-host, Samanatha Horaczek, prepared a full introduction to the course to ensure that all learners and prospective learners will feel more confident working towards their career goals.


Rachel Harris

Rachel is disrupting what it means to be an accountant, a business owner, and an employer in 2023. She is a TEDx speaker, content creator, author, business owner, and most importantly… an accountant.

Rachel adds value to her audience of over 30,000 by creating completely free long and short-form content delivering financial education. She is passionate about free financial education for everyone, which is why she founded @accountant_she, StriveX Accountants, StriveX Audit, StriveX Consulting, and StriveX mortgages.

Samantha Horaczek

Samantha is an AAT expert and the Operations Manager of Eagle Education. She’s been with us for 15 years, and her team of mentors are dedicated to the success of our learners. They help them track their progress with detailed study plans, and encourage them to meet their personal career goals.

Topics discussed

About Rachel

Rachel took the lead of the session, starting off by talking about herself, her studies, and her career.

She takes a deeper dive into how her businesses and content creation works, while also highlighting that in 2022 she also became a Director, Board Member and Trustee for AAT – so we can’t think of anyone better qualified to offer AAT tips and advice!

Rachel’s mission is essentially to disrupt what it means to be an accountant. She tries to provide content to encourage accessible and consumable financial education for all, while generating a sense of unity for other finance professionals who may otherwise feel like they’re on their own if they didn’t take the university route.

An overview of AAT

Rachel moves on to discuss what AAT stands for, what it is, and reflects on what the institute says about their own mission and work.

Her passion for AAT and accounting is evident as she provides a detailed breakdown of the AAT qualification – highlighting the potential job titles that can be expected when studying Level 2, 3 and 4 of AAT.

Study options

With a lot of Rachel’s mission relating to the accessibility of financial education, there’s no surprise that she approached the topic of study methods, payments and particularly Eagle Education’s subscription method.

Similarly to Rachel’s mission, at Eagle we aim to provide accounting and finance courses in an affordable and accessible way. Rachel highlights this by noting that after AAT, learners can progress their studies with ACCA or CIMA. They’ll receive the full qualification for their subscription, and there are monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription offers to suit a range of budgets.

A review of the 7 day free trial

Rachel showcases the platform that learners will gain access to when subscribing to the qualification, including the 7 day free trial which is available for all of our qualifications.

She dives into the Moodle platform and highlights what her and her team appreciated in terms of accessibility, content provided, sections and the support which is offered through Eagle’s OnDemand learning.


Rachel and Samantha come together to answer several questions from the viewers. They discuss everything AAT, accounting and Eagle Education. Some of the topics include:


  • Academic support, personal mentors and study plans
  • The experts behind the content, such as Kaplan Financial and Osborne Books
  • AAT Level 4 optional units and what’s best for each career goal/student
  • Booking exams with AAT and Eagle’s support
  • Fees with AAT
  • Next steps after completing the AAT qualification


  • The difference between practice and industry in finance
  • Finding employment with no experience and building a strong CV

Equality, diversity and inclusion

  • Changing careers at any age and any ability – Rachel is profoundly deaf and explains how accounting and finance is an accessible career.

Watch the webinar

Listen to the full conversation with AAT-guru, Rachel Harris and get inspired to kickstart your study journey now.

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