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Busy, working mum achieved much more than expected!

Busy, working mum achieved much more than expected!

Busy working mum, Sarah Neeson, started studying AAT Qualifications to achieve an initial goal of wanting to be able to do the accounts for her own small business.  But in less than two years she achieved so much more than she expected!


“I have gone from a being a novice at accounts to starting a whole new career and the only thing that has changed that is my AAT qualification.”


For a few years Sarah was paying really high accountancy fees for her small business, as she simply didn’t know how to `keep the books’.  Ready to face a new challenge, she wanted to make sure her record keeping was right, so she did her research and chose to study an accountancy course that she felt was well respected and robust.


“By the time I had completed my AAT level 2 course, I had realised that my goal had changed and what I actually wanted to do was move on to become a Chartered Accountant because I enjoyed my studies so much.”


Sarah’s achievements are impressive.  In just 2 years Sarah completed all three levels of the AAT qualification whilst running a business, managing pregnancy, coping with sleep deprivation and running a home with a new born baby and a toddler!  


“You can fit distance learning in around whatever is going on in your life, whether it is sat at the kitchen table with a new born baby on your lap, or during your break at work.  You can achieve much more than you realise.”


Sarah provides a wonderful example about how despite having responsibilities and a very busy life, when you are committed and stay focused, you can achieve incredible results.


On completion of AAT level 4, Sarah accepted a job in the accounts department of a large company as a Reconciliation’s Clerk, with the opportunity to be promoted in 6 months’ time so she can pursue her new goal of becoming a Chartered Accountant.


“My training with eagle and AAT qualification gave me the motivation to aim for new prospects and push myself.  I now have a whole new career with better working hours and earning potential, so in the long term I can provide better for my family”.


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