Top tips for ACCA exams

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There are a range of different types of questions depending on which level you’re sitting, but the basic advice remains the same across them all.

Before you sit any ACCA exam make sure you:

  • Are familiar with the entire syllabus – there’s no way of knowing what you will and won’t be tested on
  • Become familiar with the exam structure
  • Find out what examiners are looking for in your answers. The ACCA website has lots of information to read through
  • Read the official textbooks – they thoroughly cover the syllabus and include knowledge tests and practice questions, and even exam-style questions to help you practice.
  • Understand the question types – you will be faced with a variety:
    • Multiple choice questions
    • True or false
    • Multiple response
    • Multiple-response matching
    • Number entry
  • Practice all the different types of question

In the exam make sure you plan your time effectively. For example in the Knowledge exam you have 50 questions, and you must answer them all. You will have 120 minutes to take the exam – that’s 1.2 minutes per question on average. Some questions will take longer to answer than others so it’s essential that you don’t waste any time. As a rough guide, you should have completed about 25 questions by the end of the first hour.

Best of luck in your exams! Check out our ACCA page for more information.