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What is Study Buddy?

Study Buddy is your main resource for your learning materials, planning, and practise tests whilst you’re studying AAT.

Our AAT courses are designed so that you use the Study Buddy as your go-to and then refer to other materials when it directs you to use them.

Written by our tutors, the Study Buddy helps deliver the AAT course in a coherent and bite-sized way. It makes the learning process interactive and friendly in the way it structures your study and directs you to other resources.

What’s included in the Study Buddy?

At the start of the Study Buddy, you will see a study planner, this helps you understand what you will be studying, and tells when you need to do the study modules – it’s basically an instruction manual on what you need to do. These modules go over the trickier parts of some of the units.

When you reach the end of a section of your Study Buddy, it will direct you to look over sections of your Osborne eBook tutorials and workbooks. You will need to watch the presentation whilst going through the workbook – these have been provided by Kaplan.

So if it refers to any study texts, exam kits, or OnDemand study material, you will not have access to these as they are for Kaplan students only. Our equivalent to this is the Osborne eBook workbooks, tutorials, Study Buddy, and the practice assessments.

Working through your Study Buddy

We encourage you to work through the Study Buddy, not the e-learning textbooks. It structures your study and directs you to the other resources when needed.

Throughout the study buddy, you will have the opportunity to take progress tests which you can mark yourself. This will show you how much of the subject you have understood and if you need to revise any areas.

Once you have reached the end of the unit you will then be able to take the practice assessment exams on our e-learning account before entering for your live exam.

Our advice is to learn one module at a time. You will study towards the first module and then enter for your first exam before moving on to the next one. Throughout the Study Buddy, there are a lot of practice questions for you to complete before moving onto the e-books for extra practice.

Once you feel ready, you can take the practice assessments on our e-learning zone. There are also great practice assessments on the AAT website, so make sure you register with them before you take your exams. You will need to do this at some point so you have your membership number to take the exams.

Don’t just take our word for it

Our students love Study Buddy – here’s what they’ve said:

“It’s very helpful to chat and share tips” Nicky Bowles-Johnson

“Very useful, good revision tips” – Lloyd Beeney

“It’s useful and motivates me” – Marina Nombela

For more information, visit our AAT page, or contact the team today.