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Getting started with CIMA brochure

What’s included in an CIMA course subscription

CIMA Accounting qualifications

  • Certificate in Business Accounting

    This is the entry point for most people who are at the beginning of their accountancy journey. You’ll learn the fundamentals of business economics, financial accounting, management accounting, and ethical considerations of commercial activity.

  • Professional Operational level (Diploma in Management Accounting)

    CIMA Operational teaches you about managing finance, costs and analysis used in production, and financial reporting. You will need to have done the Certificate in Business Accounting Qualification or have prior experience/qualifications to start at this level.

  • Professional Management level (Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting)

    CIMA Management gives you the skills to perform advanced management accounting and advanced financial reporting tasks. You’ll learn about the mechanisms of how companies are managed, from internal and external contexts including but not limited to Project Management, the external environment and HR. You will need to have completed Professional Operational to start this level.

  • Professional Strategic level

    CIMA Strategic develops your leadership and strategic management abilities, and teaches you about risk management and financial strategy. You will need to have completed Professional Management to start this level. On completion of this level, provided you have the appropriate experience, you can apply to become a qualified Management Accountant.