Why accountancy subscription learning is cost-effective

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If you’re considering a career in accountancy, you might be wondering which route to take. Classroom-based, distance learning, or a mix? As distance learning experts, we believe this is the best option to allow you to spread your wings.

Some training providers tie you into a minimum term, which could be an incentive to persevere through the levels. However, most students could be paying more than they ought to. If you finish your course early, you’ll often end up paying for this on top of any new courses you start. And if life gets in the way and stops your studies, you’ll be forking out an extra expense without reaping any of the benefits.

With a subscription, you can start learning whenever it suits you. You can turn it off anytime. You only pay for what you use and you’re entirely in control. Because of this, you’re more likely to save on your training costs. And you’ll know that you’re getting the most out of your money.

If you’re not wanting to start for a few months, you don’t need to purchase until you’re ready. Once you subscribe, you immediately get access to learning materials and your course. No more paying for what you don’t use.

What are the average costs of accountancy learning?

Say you wanted to start an AAT accountancy course. The average training provider fee for Level 2, according to the AAT, is between £600 – £2,000 + AAT fees and assessment fees.* That’s no small cost to be thrown away.

With an Eagle subscription, the average training fee for Level 2 is between £270 – £540 + AAT fees and assessment fees. So Eagle students could save up to £1,460 with a subscription (based on an average completion time of 6-12 months).

Similarly, for Level 3, the AAT’s average training provider fee ranges from £900 – £2,000 + AAT fees and assessment fees*. With Eagle’s subscription, you pay the same no matter what level you’re on. So you could save up to another £1,460 (based on an average completion time of 6-12 months).

The more you study, and the quicker you complete the course, the more you’ll save. And because you fit your studies around your life, you have more freedom to find the time. So if your employer doesn’t cover your training costs, or you’re simply studying for a new career, subscription could be the perfect option for you.

The benefits of subscription learning with Eagle

As well as being a cost-effective solution, there are plenty of other reasons to become an Eagle subscriber.

Our online content, powered by Kaplan, will always be up to date and reflects any changes in syllabus or finance acts. In addition, you’ll have unlimited tutor support and a mentor to guide you through your first steps.You’ll even get exclusive discounts on Osborne Books and Kaplan materials so you can take your studies further.

And if you need to take a break, no problem. You can cancel anytime, with no hidden fees. There’s no financial tie-ins, no minimum terms, no catch.

Feel free to go at your own pace, when it suits you. Not only are you in control of your learning, but you’re also more likely to complete your training for less.

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*Source – https://www.aat.org.uk/train-your-staff/aat-qualifications/qualifications-information/cost-of-training