Now is a great time to be an accountant

An alarm clock and three piles of coins


It’s a strange world at the moment. So many professions are being affected, and having to adapt to new ways of working. But accountants are still in demand, and still able to work roughly as they were before.

Not convinced? Have a read of why it’s still great to become an accountant in a rapidly changing environment.

You’re in demand

Businesses still need their finances looking at, whether they’ve managed to stay open or not. There will still be taxes to be processed, accounts audited, and advice needed. Some may need advice on restructuring their finances or debts to creatively work their way out of difficulties.

You can work from home

Luckily, accountancy is one of those professions that doesn’t need to be office based. And with all the great technology we have now, meetings can be done over the phone and there is plenty of software out there for processing accounts.

Job security

You’re always going to be needed. You’re not a luxury, you’re a necessity. It’s nice to be needed in these tough times. A solid qualification with AAT, ACCA, or CIMA can open doors for you throughout the accounting sector, in many countries.

A chance to grow

This is a perfect time to evaluate your services and see if you can expand your offering. If you don’t offer auditing, is this something you could look into? You might need to do some further learning, but it’s worth considering. Sudden shifts in the world economic climate could bring about new opportunities.

These are tough times, but a silver lining is never far away.

Build your skill set

Take time to look at your skills, and see if there are any gaps. They don’t even have to be accountancy focused. You could always look at improving your marketing or business development skills.

Accountancy always offers new ways to upskill.

Cost effective and accessible

Thanks to companies like Eagle, accountancy has never been easier to get into. With our subscription plan, you can start your journey without a large financial commitment. You’ll have the freedom to try it out for seven days before fully investing in a new accounting career.

We know many are particularly mindful of long term financial commitments, so this payment method could help.

So there you go, being an accountant – even right now – is full of potential!

If you’re thinking about focusing on a new area of finance, check out our AAT, ACCA and CIMA courses and see what you could add to your skill set.