Moodle: Eagle’s online learning platform

A laptop and a pair of hands


Moodle is an online learning platform which we use to provide our students with a personalised learning experience.

Students can login to access content for AAT, ACCA, or CIMA online courses, depending on the subscription they have chosen. The platform is web-based, giving students the flexibility to study anywhere.


Accounting content in mini chunks

On Moodle, you can listen to and watch presentations, work through each unit in your course, and assess your understanding with progress tests.

Moodle content complements our popular Study Buddy learning guide, which breaks course content into manageable chunks. Eagle’s e-learning makes it easy to build your knowledge and identify the areas where you need more help.


How to access and navigate Moodle

You can access Moodle via the Eagle sign-in homepage or by typing into your internet browser.


Logging in

Log in using your email address and your initial password. You should be prompted to change your password – make sure it’s a secure password. Once you’ve logged in you’ll be taken to a profile page that has already been partially completed by your mentor.

You can edit this and add or remove details you don’t want other students to see.


Navigating around Moodle

Eagle Moodle menu screenshot

At the top left of your screen, you’ll find the navigation bar – at this point it shows: Home > My profile > View profile. Use these to find out where you are on the site. Avoid using the browser back and forward buttons. Click on Home to get you back to the front page.


Home page

Your home page will be personal to you, depending on what course you are doing.

Eagle Moodle courses screenshot



You can use the navigation block to access courses, but the list of courses is also at the bottom of the page. To see all courses, click on all courses at the bottom of the page.

The calendar
We use the calendar to update you on important announcements and exam sittings.

Latest news
You are automatically subscribed to the latest news. We use this area to make important announcements. You will receive copies of latest news by email if you keep your email address up to date in Moodle.

Your course
You will be given access to everything you need including PowerPoint presentations. These will open in a new window so you need to make sure that you don’t have pop-up blockers on which will prevent them from opening.

The e-learning sessions cover key learning points and are intended to complement the other study resources you have been provided. Using all study resources will provide the depth of knowledge and practical experience you need to be successful in exams and assessments.


Supportive community of students

If you benefit from online communities, feel free to join the Eagle Education Buddies Facebook group.

For more 1:1 support, our students get a dedicated mentor as well as access to expert tutors.

Log in to Moodle or find out more about our accounting courses available via Moodle.