Why you shouldn’t fear starting AAT level 2

The letters F.E.A.R


Never fear, AAT level 2 is here!

The AAT Level 2 course is an ideal starting point. It’s a great entry for those wanting a solid grounding in accounting.

However, after gathering feedback from many of our students,  we know that many potential accounting superstars never get over that first hurdle. This can be due to…fear.

“Fear” is defence that emerges when confronted with something new. But there’s no need for it to get the better of us.

With AAT Level 2, it can prevent many from embarking on what could be an incredibly rewarding and exciting new voyage!

So, we felt obliged to address some common fears before you consider taking that first step…

FEAR: The unknown

‘Fear of the unknown’ can dominate our feelings when approaching anything new. But not to worry, our customer services advisers and tutor support are always available to chat to familiarise you with our courses.

They’re also on hand to help with any doubts you may have, before making the decision to study the Level 2 qualification, via phone email or live chat.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to someone at this stage, you can learn about the course by requesting a brochure.

FEAR: Lacking the confidence to succeed

The beauty about studying AAT Level 2 through online Distance Learning is that you can study at a pace that suits you.

Without needing to build up the courage to enter a classroom, remote learning prevents you having to face any social pressures. You can start learning anytime, anywhere – at your convenience. The flexibility also means that you’re under no pressure to work to a set completion date.

Also, you don’t need qualifications or experience to start an AAT Level 2 course in accounting (but it is recommended you have a good standard of English and basic maths).

Finally, we are careful to make sure that everyone is nurtured through their study period, providing a range of study supports (study buddies, Facebook support groups) to give you the confidence to succeed.

FEAR: Not getting your money’s worth

Handing our hard earned cash over to a ‘remote’ service can make us feel as though we aren’t getting our money’s worth.

But in the modern age, we are increasingly getting used to having services at our fingertips. It’s no different when it comes to learning.

The most important thing to remember is that with Eagle you are receiving guaranteed teaching excellence, and a track record of exceptional pass rates.

Our teaching excellence is recognised

Through our remote learning study methods we:

  • Are recognised by AAT for delivering excellence -receiving their first ever Distance Learning Centre of the Year Award 2017.
  • Benefit from using world-renowned Osborne Books study material
  • Have over 15 years’ experience as an AAT Approved Provider
  • Give you a dedicated mentor – to discuss career goals, plans, expectations, anything else.

FEAR: Failing

Understandably this is a major concern, as failing your AAT exam would make the training process a waste of time. With a 98% pass rate Eagle can almost guarantee that you pass.
As a comparison, the national average is just 90%!

Our combination of remote learning, online support and fantastic learning materials mean that we give you the best possible chance to succeed.

FEAR: Switching careers

Changing careers can be scary. You’re stepping out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. However, a move into accountancy can be very rewarding.

A recent salary survey by AAT showed that qualified accountants earn on average 67% more than their unqualified colleagues. Typical starting salaries of £18,400, rising to £37,000 with experience, there is plenty of scope for further increases.

Whilst studying an entry level qualification such as AAT, you could quickly be able to work your way up the career ladder, picking up new skills along the way. After that you can continue to study a Chartered qualification such as CIMA or ACCA.

Feeling fearless?

We hope this addresses some thoughts you may have had, and that you’d like to hear more about starting your AAT journey with us.

Beat the fear, start your accountancy training journey today! Request a free brochure.