How to conquer your Level 3 synoptic

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Advanced synoptic is a compulsory unit assessed as part of the AAT Advanced Level. It draws on and assesses knowledge and understanding from across the units you have already successfully completed (AVBK, FAPR, MMAC). It also incorporates Ethics for Accountants and Using Spreadsheets within a Finance Environment.

Notoriously hard and painful to revise – we know it’s a tough one. That’s why we’ve put together some advice for tackling the key to unlocking your AAT Level 3.

Mock the week

Practice mocks are your best friend. Nothing prepares you more for the real thing – we recommend you do as many as possible in the run up to your exam.

As part of an Eagle subscription, you have a range of mocks available online through Moodle and MyAAT. You also get 50% off Osborne Books if you prefer physical practice papers to work through.

They will help you identify gaps in your knowledge that you might be missing. They’ll also apply your learned knowledge. This will ensure you fully understand what the questions are asking you, by testing your knowledge of the theory but asking you in different ways.

By taking the time to go over these, you should feel at ease when you finally open that paper – you don’t want any nasty surprises on the day.

Master Excel

A recurring theme from the exams that we hear from our students are tests on needing to goal seek, VLookup, absolute reference and use pivot charts and tables.

We also recommend that you familiarise yourself with how to make an appropriation account – practice mocks will help you with this.

If Excel isn’t your strong suit, with Eagle you have unlimited access to academic mentors, who are there to help with any questions, issues or concerns.

Want some more help right now? Read our Excel tips blog.

Answer the question

Maybe an obvious one, but to make sure you’re not losing marks to silly mistakes, give the marker what they want to see.

Don’t worry – the questions aren’t trying to catch you out. To make sure you hit that magic 70%, just try and answer the questions in the clearest way possible.

TIP: if you are asked the following, ‘Identify an opportunity to improve the procedures. Explain how the procedure should be changed and how the business could benefit.’

Start each part of the answer with the following:
An opportunity to improve procedures is…
The procedure can be changed by…
The business will benefit because…

Let us know how you do

We love to hear from you wherever you are on your journey. If you’re about to sit your exam – good luck!

If you’re not so far down your journey, see how Eagle could help you with your AAT qualification.