Why our AAT courses cost less!

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Confusion arises for many customers when they start to look for an AAT course provider and they discover that AAT course prices can vary from between £450 to over £2,000!

Many start to ask the question “is price is an indicator of quality?”

Firstly, it’s important to ensure you are comparing like with like.  For example, a structured live online course is likely to be priced much higher than a self-directed, flexible online AAT distance learning course, as there are more costs involved with the delivery.

Secondly, when comparing courses that appear to be similar, then you need to consider whether you’re receiving value for your money, as in our experience of the market, paying more doesn’t necessarily indicate better quality.

Since 2002 we have proven that excellent quality tuition can be delivered at a very affordable price and here are the reasons why:

  1. Our operating costs are significantly lower than larger providers: even though we are one of the largest AAT distance learning providers with a fabulous reputation, we are actually a small family run business with low operating costs.
  2. We pass our savings onto you: education should be affordable but it does cost money, so we price our courses as low as possible, passing the savings onto you, whilst ensuring quality is never compromised.
  3. We avoid price matching and excessive discounting: much higher course prices enable providers to offer large discounts and price match.  We price our courses low so that we can provide all customers with access to affordable, good quality training which already provides amazing value for money.
  4. Investing in quality saves time and money: businesses that provide quality products and have streamlined services operate more cost effectively.  Customers benefit from those savings by paying less and are also able to achieve more in less time when receiving best quality tuition.
  5. Much of our business comes from referrals: we save on marketing costs and we don’t pay sales team commission, as much of our business comes from referrals which is another indicator of quality.

You can see for yourself the difference our courses make to our customers by reading independent reviews and you can experience the quality of our tuition by taking a FREE 7 day trial today.

With our AAT subscription plan, you can access all 3 AAT levels via 3 different payment plans:

  • Monthly – at £45 a month
  • Quarterly – at £120 a month
  • Yearly – at £430 a month

You’re guaranteed to receive excellent value for your money when you invest in our AAT courses.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss study options.

Website: https://www.reviews.co.uk/company-reviews/store/eagle-education-and-training-ltd