What are the benefits of being an AAT Professional member?

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Keen to become a member of the world’s most recognised accountancy qualification?

Whether you’re just putting the feelers out, or revising for your level 3 synopsis, there’s a variety of membership benefits open to you.

You can subscribe for a student membership as soon as you start studying, but for now we’re going to focus on the benefits of a full MAAT membership. The globally recognised MAAT (full membership status) shows that you are AAT qualified with work experience in finance and accounting.

Here are some of our favourite benefits:

Boost your earnings

In 2019, nearly a third of AAT members got paid a bonus on top of their wages – and this figure is growing every year (AAT Salary Report 2019).

We’ve also seen that over the years, average salaries and bonuses grow with age. So it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out after 20 years in a different job – your life experience will be valued!

The good news is that your boosted earnings would be a great return on investment after taking our cost effective AAT subscription.

Save money with AAT Rewards

Being a member gives you access to AAT Rewards – an exclusive site that gives you discounts on things you might buy everyday.

There’s a bunch of offers on everything from cinema tickets to holidays and insurance. It’s definitely worth checking out regularly to see what tickles your fancy!

Get more support off other members and AAT

Joining AAT as a full member opens the doors to network with other members worldwide – there’s over 50,000 of you!

We know our Facebook group is pretty great, but the Eagle community is just a small part of the wider AAT landscape.

Whether you spend your time on Facebook, Twitter, or browsing forums, you can be confident of finding an easy way to connect with like minded individuals.

Still worried about going out there on your own into the world of accountancy? AAT is there to support you as a professional member, whenever you’re unsure about something.

Whether that’s technical, ethical advice and support, or assistance with tax, payroll or insolvency.

List your new credentials

Always fancied having letters after your name to show how clever you are? Once you’re a member, you can! You deserve your skills and expertise to be recognised with the letters ‘MAAT’.

You can use MAAT after your name on emails, business cards and letters, and display your certificate proudly for colleagues, clients, friends and family to see.

Keep your skills and knowledge up to date

AAT cares about its members’ futures.

As part of your membership, it’ll be a two way street with you continuing your professional development (CPD) and AAT helping you do this. It’s a requirement of full members to make sure you continue to learn throughout your career, keeping your skills up to date.

There’s many ways you can develop yourself. You might prefer meeting people face-to-face at events, or through monthly newsletters. If you want to stick to online learning for CPD – don’t worry – they even have resources for that too.

AAT Membership FAQ

Still got a few questions about being a member? Here are the most common questions and answers we get asked:

How many types of AAT memberships are there?

There are four main types of AAT memberships:

  • AAT student member
  • AAT affiliate member
  • AAT professional member (AATQB, MAAT and FMAAT)
  • AAT licensed member

Do you have to pay for an AAT membership fee?

Yes, student, affiliate, professional and licensed members all have to pay membership fees to the AAT, which is a not-for-profit organisation. As of September 2019, annual membership fees range from £99 for UK student membership to £165 for FMAAT professional membership.

Is AAT a professional membership?

Absolutely, you can use it to showcase your expertise to employers and clients. It’s internationally recognised and shows your academic qualifications as well as work experience.

What is an AAT affiliate member?

You become an affiliate member once you’ve completed the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting. From here you can progress to associate bookkeeping or a full membership.

How long does AAT membership last?

Memberships are renewed annually and are charged depending on level.

Can I reinstate my AAT membership?

Definitely, if you’ve had a break for a few years you can renew your membership again whenever you’re ready.


Hopefully you now have a better idea of what an AAT membership entails and the benefits it comes with.

If you’re ready to register, sign up here. Or if you have any questions or would like some more advice, get in touch via our online enquiry form.