The benefits of becoming an ACCA member

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When you become an ACCA member you can get those highly respected letters placed after your name: ‘ACCA’. This symbolises excellence and innovation – not to mention it’s recognised around the world.

But they aren’t the only reasons you should get an ACCA membership.

The benefits that are included have been developed with you in mind. Not just an ‘add on’, they were created to help every member, personally and professionally.

Here are some of the best things about becoming an ACCA member:

Go international

Employers across the globe recognise the ACCA qualification. With 188,000 members and 424,000 students in 170 countries, an ACCA membership is your passport to anywhere. Global surveys show that 50% of employers rate ACCA as the leading global professional body*.

Being a member gives you great opportunities to work wherever you want. So whether you stick to Blackpool or jet to Belgium – an ACCA membership is an instantly recognisable badge of honour.

The ACCA also has agreements with several impressive global accountancy bodies:

• The Certified General Accountants Association of Canada
• The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
• The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants
• The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore

If you choose to fly the nest, these agreements give you simple and cheap routes to enjoy the benefits that local organisations offer.

Global support

Having an ACCA membership opens the door to one of the biggest online accountancy communities. You’ll be joining more than 500,000 other ACCA students and members worldwide. So wherever you are, you’ll have people to reach out to.

Their community is always growing across social media and is regularly updated by ACCA experts – whether you’re a fan of Facebook, an avid Twitter follower or a lover of LinkedIn.

We know our Eagle Facebook group is pretty great, but if you want to spread your wings, give the ACCA page a follow. It brings together members and students alike, to share experiences and help with studying. Here you can also find information, support and advice directly from ACCA.

If LinkedIn is more your cup of tea, once you’ve signed up as a member, you can be approved to join their ACCA Global Community Group. The group is 100,000 strong and communicates daily on issues that matter to them, whether it’s corporate, public sector, or in practice. And the best thing: it’s kept free from marketing and advertising, so you only need to get the updates you want.

Shape your future

“The more you put in, the more you get back.”
Brian McEnery, FCCA, ACCA Council member; former President, ACCA Ireland

ACCA members are regularly invited to contribute at regional and international levels. This can be your opportunity to help create and shape policies to develop the accountancy industry.

Close working relationships between ACCA, and other membership bodies, means that when members speak, others listen.
Strengthen your professional principles

We all heard about the financial scandals that happened following the recession. This means that today, accountability and corporate standards are focused on even more.

Promoting good admin and solid ethics has always been a top priority for ACCA. As a member, you’ll have access to resources so you can independently explore the world of ethical judgements, good and bad.

ACCA’s resource bank shows a variety of policies, articles, case studies and online courses. These range from how to develop ethical styles, to e-simulations that show the impact of individual decisions that can come from from peer pressure.

A jam-packed calendar of events

If face-to-face is more your thing, ACCA have events, courses and round tables running throughout the year, with invites exclusive to ACCA members.

There are regular events on ethics, which give the opportunity to discuss and learn about dilemmas, first-hand. Also part of the event is a variety of networking opportunities – the perfect time to strengthen the community and meet others just like you.

Of course, your ACCA membership and fellowship are also important milestones in your professional life. These landmarks mean a lot. And as such, they love to acknowledge and celebrate these events with you.

Get information at your fingertips

Imagine being kept up to date with the latest accountancy news without spending hours having to browse online. Accounting and Business is ACCA’s professional magazine, only for ACCA members, sent 10 times a year. 66% of readers agree that it’s better than other professional publications!

You can expect everything from advice on critical issues, to articles on CPD and careers. Everything is tailored to people like yourself.

As well as a physical magazine, ACCA provide AB Direct. This is a weekly e-bulletin containing even more news from ACCA, giving you more frequent updates from the world of accountancy.

Soar with ACCA

Not only is ACCA a great qualification to have under your belt, the benefits of being a member make it worthwhile for your personal and professional life. If your plan to work further afield, or build your career closer to home, being an ACCA member will help you get there.

So – maybe you’re well on your way down your ACCA journey and looking to get registered, or you’re still on the fence about which qualification to study and need some more information.

If we can help with any other questions you might have, reach out and get in touch via our online enquiry form.

*The benefits of ACCA membership