Brexit, get ready, get AAT qualified!

Student hidden behind book, looking prepared


“There’s a real shortage of skilled, qualified bookkeepers and accountants”

It’s more important than ever that employees and employers look ahead and plan for the skills and talents they need to ensure that that they are prepared for the future and here’s why…

As there are around 80,000 AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) students in the UK, it comes as quite a surprise that employers are contacting us to express their frustration about the difficulties they’re experiencing finding skilled, qualified bookkeepers and accountants.  What’s more, as an AAT distance learning provider with access to a pool of AAT bookkeepers and accountants, we also experienced the same difficulty very recently!

Will Brexit exaggerate the situation?

After doing some research, it seems that since 2013 the British born workforce has been declining naturally and workers from overseas have been filling the gaps.  Since the Brexit vote, there are fears that the decline is going to get worse as:

  • Workers from overseas have still not been provided with assurances regarding their right to live and work here
  • Some overseas workers are voting with their feet and leaving
  • The UK is becoming less attractive due to the slump in the pound as well as increased living costs
  • There’s uncertainty for overseas workers with respect to job security
  • There is likely to be stricter migration control

Most organisations in every sector in the UK need skilled finance professionals, so it looks like employers in the UK could continue to be competing for skilled, qualified finance professionals.

Get Ready, Get Qualified!

It’s more important than ever that employees and employers look ahead and plan for the skills and talents they need to ensure that that they are prepared.

For over 15 years we’ve been watching the economy and we consistently see huge benefits for those that invest in industry focussed qualifications such as AAT courses, even for those that feel confident and have work experience.  For example:

Lee Webster at LBW Accountants

AAT provided the launch pad to a hugely successful career.  Lee is the Managing Director of his own practice and he actively recruits AAT qualified personnel, as he states they add significant value to the growth and sustainability of his business.

Steve Wilson at Wilson’s Bookkeeping

In just a few months, after achieving AAT level 2, Steve benefitted from a much needed change in career.  He has successfully establish his own bookkeeping practice and is being complimented by clients for his ability to improve the quality of reporting and decision making in small businesses, so they can work towards are more sustainable future.

Sarah Williams achieved financial security

Sarah’s story is remarkable, as AAT enabled her to move from a dire position of being homeless to being able to secure employment and provide her family with the financial security she dreamed of.

Evidence shows that those who engage in proactive planning are not only laying the foundations for a different future but will be better prepared if they find themselves in a situation that they’re unable to control, compared to those who in stark contrast do nothing and are forced to be reactive and find themselves fire-fighting.

We can help you thrive too

We can help you and we can assure you that our training programme provides an excellent investment, as employers tell us that they have confidence in our unique style of delivery.  They’re confident their employees are trained to a high standard and tell us this brings even more benefits to their business, as they benefit from improved efficiency, productivity and adherence to quality standards.

We are committed to providing training programmes that continue to help people grow in confidence, have control of their careers and feel empowered and ready for the future.

Want to be ready for the future?  Please contact us to discuss the way forward.