5 ways our students benefit from AAT qualifications

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Are you weighing up the pros and cons of whether to spend your hard earned cash and valuable time qualifying as a professional Accounting Technician?  Or, are you indecisive about whether to continue with your studies or progress onwards?

We’d like to help you reach a decision by sharing the feedback we receive about how our students tell us they’ve benefited from their AAT studies.

1. It provides a massive boost to your self-esteem and gives a sense of direction

When you take the time to invest in the most valuable resource on the planet – YOU – you gain a sense of direction and a sense of purpose, opposed to that feeling of wandering through life aimlessly.  Rather than waiting for life to happen to you, you’re making it happen and shaping your future.  As you discover your skills and capabilities, see the benefits from taking action, and you start achieving your goals, you obtain a massive boost to your confidence and self-esteem.  Education changes you and you’ll notice it benefits all areas of your life.

2. You’ve got your own back

No one can predict the future and life has a habit of presenting us with unexpected challenges!  By taking control of your self-development now, you’re ensuring you are equipped for the future.  AAT qualifications give you a much broader range of knowledge and skills, more than you’re likely to be able to obtain from work experience alone.  Having the ability to be more adaptable and flexible gives access to a much wider range of opportunities.  As a professional, you’ll have greater resilience and greater confidence with handling change – you’ll be alright.

3. It builds credibility into your C.V.

It is not unheard of for job applicants to poorly communicate with employers about their work experience, or, sometimes there are exaggerations or little white lies!  Your AAT qualification provides evidence and reassurance to an employer.  You are able to prove you’ve taken a program of relevant, professional training, and you’ve been tested by an Awarding Body that is highly regarded by employers, as the AAT’s robust assessment methods are trusted.

4. Qualifications are the norm in the accounting profession

Accounting is a profession that expects its members to hold professional qualifications, as well as keep their knowledge and skills up to date through professional development, as there are constant changes in legislation and work practices.  Apart from your qualification providing evidence of knowledge and skill, it shows your commitment to the values that the profession holds, and that you have the ability to perform at a professional level in the workplace.  That’s one of the many reasons why you’ll nearly always see qualifications as a requirement in job adverts, especially AAT.

5. Opportunities open up that you hadn’t even imagined

Learning and self-development is a like an expedition.  As you travel, you discover your capabilities and your mind opens.  You have a new found confidence and desire to explore new destinations that are now within your reach.

The benefits we’ve shared with you today have been taken from our students’ stories.  You can read them by clicking on the links provided.   Warning…they’re likely to inspire you!

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Our eaglets really do soar to success!  If you’d like to start your learning journey with us, we’d be delighted to help you too. Please contact us.