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About Eagle Education & Training

Eagle Education staff member outside their premises in Wrexham

eagle was formed in 2002 as a small family run business purposefully to provide good quality distance learning courses for those that needed the flexibility that the traditional classroom environment didn’t provide at that time.

Since 2002 we have become one of the largest providers of AAT distance learning courses with a strong and growing reputation for being trustworthy and consistently delivering a professional, reliable service.

Our students tell us that they’ve grown in confidence and feel a great sense of achievement from participating in our unique training and development programme and we regularly receive feedback about the positive impact it’s had on our students’ careers.

In recognition for delivering excellence we were extremely proud to be awarded AAT’s first ever Distance Learning Centre of the Year Award.

Our students’ AAT assessment pass rates average 95% - Impressive!

Our commitment to you - eagle’s purpose and values

What we do

We are passionate about helping people like you to:

  • Find enjoyment in learning
  • Realise their potential
  • Develop the confidence to achieve their ambitions

How we do it


We believe in people - when there is opportunity and encouragement everyone can achieve their ambitions.


We care about people - we are loyal and we respect our customers, employees and other business colleagues. They are the heart of our business.


We are committed to our goal - we are making a positive difference to people’s lives and promoting education worldwide.


We take pride in our work - we strive to deliver a service that is unique and provides best value for money without any compromise on quality.


We do business with integrity - we are trusted to provide honest and reliable advice to help people make the right choices. We adhere to the moral and ethical codes of the profession.


We are proactive - we manage change, growth and profitability successfully which is essential so that we can continue to help people achieve their ambitions.

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We focus on our area of expertise - bookkeeping & accounts

We have been helping students achieve their ambitions on our bookkeeping and accountancy distance learning courses since 2002!

A qualification will provide accountancy knowledge and skills to enable you to carry out fundamental accounting tasks. However, professional development is more than reading from text books and passing exams! Investing in a comprehensive, good quality training programme is an essential part of your development to ensure you can achieve your full potential.

We select the most reputable qualifications so you can confidently prepare for your career knowing that they’re recognised by employers in the accounting profession. Our AAT courses have been designed by qualified teachers and vocationally experienced accountants, especially for distance learners.

You will benefit from our team’s knowledge and experience because they know about:

  • The practical work-based skills employers in the profession are looking for
  • The precise detail about qualification updates from awarding bodies and examiners
  • How people learn most effectively and achieve more rapidly

Our students love our courses because:

  • The structure, layout and content provide clarity; avoiding confusion and wasted time
  • They adopt modern study and exam techniques which help them progress rapidly
  • They develop a comprehensive understanding - resulting in first time exam success, saving time and money
  • Work-based practical skills that employers are looking for are integrated into the course
  • Traditional and modern learning tools provide variety and enjoyment
  • Students enjoy working as part of a team with their mentor and others

Invest in professional development and you can excel in your career more rapidly and increase earning potential! eagle’s excellent training programme can help you soar to success and achieve your goals.

Level 2 2016
pass rate

98% National avg 90% *

Level 3 2016
pass rate

89% National avg 74% *

Level 4 2016
pass rate

National avg 65% *

We provide the widest variety of learning tools

You’ll be sure to find a learning method that suits your individual learning style because we provide the widest variety of unique, high quality learning tools currently available on the market.

Our students tell us they feel motivated and enjoy learning. The resources help them pass their exams first time so they’ve been able to achieve success rapidly and they feel more confident applying their knowledge and experience in the workplace.

We harness both traditional learning tools and modern technologies to stimulate thinking and create a deep, thorough understanding of the subject material. They provide opportunities to engage in activities such as problem solving, which will develop other practical skills that employers are seeking.

We are able to update our bookkeeping and accountancy learning tools almost instantly to incorporate the most current guidance from Awarding Bodies and examiners (unlike published texts). So you will feel confident when preparing for assessments.

We’re delighted to receive regular compliments about the quality of our learning tools for our AAT courses and we often see our students highly recommending them on the Internet!

We’re so proud of our learning materials that we invite you to sample them before you buy. You can sample our materials by visiting the course that you’re interested in studying.

Female AAT student working on laptop

We employ highly skilled mentors

We employ highly qualified people who bring a wealth of accounting and business experience from long careers in the accounting profession, often in management roles. They all have coaching and mentoring experience and have supported people working towards accounting qualifications in the workplace too. Some work as exam markers for a range of Awarding Bodies and the Director has developed some of the AAT’s first e-learning resources working as a consultant.

Our students benefit from establishing a working relationship with their own highly skilled mentor because they help them achieve their goals more rapidly. They are effectively working as part of a team to achieve a common goal, so more energy and enthusiasm can be created which positively impacts on motivation and leads to even more success.

Their aim is to motivate and inspire you because they want you to be successful in your chosen profession!

AAT mentor on phone to student

We’ve won awards

AAT’s first Distance Learning Provider of the Year winner

The AAT introduced awards to celebrate the successes of their approved training providers, their tutors and students. We entered for AAT’s Distance Learning Provider of the Year Award and we won. To say we were absolutely ecstatic was an understatement!

For AAT to choose a winner centres had to illustrate how they engage with students, highlight unique features of their provision and demonstrate how they are making a difference to the success of their students and their employers.

We are different and that’s why we stand out!

Students give us impressive feedback as our learning tools and support help them master long lasting skills which are needed to feel confident and competent and they help them pass their exams first time which is evident from our exam pass rates!

Sonya, the Director believes eagle’s success is due to having a clear purpose, strong values, absolute determination, a fabulous team who completely support eagle’s culture and fantastic customers who trust us with assisting them to achieve their ambitions.

So thank you to our team and our students for their hard work and dedication which has helped us win this prestigious award!

AAT Awards ceremony

AAT’s first Student of the Year Award Winner

Sarah Williams studied with eagle and as her strength of character is truly remarkable, we decided to enter her for AAT’s Student of the Year 2014 Award and she won! AAT representatives said they were truly blown away by Sarah’s story, as it confirms that their qualification makes a real difference to people’s lives and that’s what they are here for!

Sarah’s sheer determination helped her break down barriers to success and achieve her ambitions against all the odds! Whilst studying Sarah battled with redundancy and homelessness.

Sarah was truly overwhelmed by her award. Sarah’s story inspired everyone at the ceremony and I think there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Sarah commented that she couldn’t have done it without the amazing support of her tutor at eagle, Jo Mallinson.

» Read Sarah’s inspiring story

Sarah Williams, AAT’s first Student of the Year

AccountancyAge Awards Accounting Technician of the Year 2009

The Director, Sonya Ashbarry FMAAT was crowned Accounting Technician of the Year at the prestigious Accountancy Age Awards which were held in London. At the awards, accounting professionals receive the Oscars of their industry in recognition of their contribution to the profession and personal achievements.

High caliber judges looked for finalists to demonstrate professionalism, imagination and innovation that has led to organisational success and has made a real difference to their organisation and the clients with whom they work.

The judges said "This was a wonderful story. Sonya has gone on a meteoric rise from an AAT college student to building a strong, established business".

The judges particularly commented on the quality of eagle’s learning resources saying; "The Study Buddy system has made the daunting task of qualification markedly easier by engaging students in enjoyable, varied activities enabling them to learn easily in manageable sections."

The judges also stated "Sonya uses her qualification and experience to keep improving and making a real difference."

In 2009 Sonya launched eagle’s e-learning zone which provides interactive presentations, quizzes and opportunities for students to interact. She was also employed as a consultant to create the AAT’s first e-learning resources on double-entry bookkeeping which have made a significant difference to the learning experience of student members, worldwide.

Sonya is thrilled that eagle continues to be recommended by clients as an accounting home study specialist respected for its offerings of a superior learning experience.

Although Sonya steers the company, she recognises that it’s the dedication of eagle’s conscientious team and students from around the world which ultimately make it successful, so she thanks everybody for their hard work and continued support! Let’s continue to soar to success together!

» View Sonya Ashbarry’s LinkedIn profile

AccountancyAge Awards Ceremony

This was a wonderful story. Sonya has gone on a meteoric rise from an AAT college student to building a strong, established business.

Accountancy Age Awards

We’re here to make a difference worldwide

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" Nelson Mandela - and we believe that too! We are passionate about education because we’ve experienced and seen the difference it can make to people’s lives. We believe it’s our duty to share and contribute to creating a world in which there are no barriers.

Taking vital study resources to Uganda

Sonya, the Director, has recently returned from taking vital study resources and play equipment to a rural school in Bwindi, Uganda, Africa. Access to resources is sparse in many countries in Africa. It’s not just a financial barrier that schools may experience but there is also an availability issue.

It took little effort to find friends, family and local schools with surplus resources. Weston Point Primary School, Runcorn were particularly keen to assist and the children also eagerly prepared letters and photos to send to the school. As usual the welcome from the teachers and children in Bwindi was incredibly warm and it was wonderful to see their excitement. They said they were thrilled with the resources and to make friends with people from Europe.

If you visit developing countries on vacation you can take resources too which collectively could make a difference. Contact us if you need help finding out more about assisting.

Business mentoring with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

The Foundation matches women in developing and emerging countries with male and female mentors around the world. Sonya the Director has been supporting a female accountant from Nigeria who is in the start up phase of her business. For 12 months mentors work one-on-one to help mentees work towards achieving their business goals.

The programme’s goal is to boost confidence, improve business performance and ultimately create wealth for entrepreneurs world-wide. The foundation believes that women tend to invest 90% of their income back into their families and community so investing in women isn’t just good ethics, it’s sound economics. Learn more about the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

Volunteer work to support finance staff in Malawi, Africa

We’re so passionate about helping people that the Director of eagle, Sonya Ashbarry FMAAT was released from her duties to share her accountancy expertise with a Non-Government Organisation/charity (NGO) in Malawi, Africa.

The Good Health Youth Organisation (GHYO) are based in Kasungu, Malawi, Africa and they’re dedicated to helping youths in areas such as HIV/AIDS awareness, water, sanitation and education. They contacted Accounting for International Development (AfID) which is a UK based social enterprise that dedicates itself to finding qualified, experienced accountants to help NGO’s strengthen their financial systems. GHYO needed assistance because it was missing out on potential donor funding, as it was unable to provide donors with accurate audited financial reports.

Sonya was the first volunteer to visit GHYO. The objective set by AfID was to carry out a review of their systems, procedures and financial reporting and identify strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for improvement.

Sonya explained that the people in the organisation certainly had the knowledge and skills but they needed assistance with applying it. She worked with the team to establish clear and concise bookkeeping procedures and a large part of the role was building their confidence in applying their knowledge and skills. A great deal was achieved in a month including having the pleasure of seeing the team produce their first monthly reconciliations and income and expenditure report. It was an extremely rewarding experience and we hope eagle can continue to support this type of work in the future.

Sonya wrote a very honest and inspiring blog about her experience. If you’re passionate about helping people too please visit for further information about opportunities for qualified volunteers.

Sonya Ashbarry with students in Uganda
Young children in Africa African student with materials from Eagle Education

Sending vital study resources for the finance staff in Malawi, Africa

Education in Malawi is certainly a privilege! Blessings Mhango who works at the NGO Sonya volunteered at was fortunate to be sponsored by his brother so he could attend Malawi College of Accountancy and achieve his Certificate in Financial Accounting. It was very unfortunate that soon after his achievement his brother died and Blessings was unable to return to study for his Diploma. He is currently saving so to give him a head start we consulted with Osborne Books about sending him study texts. Blessings has never had access to accounting text books before and he said he was speechless but managed to add "Thanks to Osborne Books studying accountancy will now be easier".

We support charity

We donate to a number of local charities each year but charities that are working with cancer are particularly close to our hearts as we have staff members, students and their family members that are cancer survivors and sadly still some are facing the battle. We have been doing small fund raisers each year but more recently Sonya, the Director undertook a mammoth challenge of cycling 480km around China with her daughter raising over £3,000 for women’s ovarian, breast and cervical cancer charities.

Breast Cancer Care, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, Overian Cancer Action

We celebrated our 10th Anniversary at Chester Zoo to support their conservation efforts

When looking for a venue for our 10th Anniversary celebration we kept our "making a difference" value in mind and chose Chester Zoo to host a super BBQ Safari for us.

Scientists believe that a third of our wildlife is under threat of extinction this century! Chester Zoo’s mission is "to be a major force in conserving biodiversity worldwide, and we do it through a combination of field conservation, research, conservation breeding, animal welfare, and education." `Profits` from functions are all ploughed back into helping the zoo continue on its journey to support its mission.

We had a wonderful experience! Friends, business colleagues, customers and their families were able to join our team for the celebration. We chose to celebrate in September and we were blessed with fabulous weather! We took a stroll to the zoo’s Jaguar house where we were provided with great insights about the zoo’s conservation work. We returned to delicious food and shared great company.

Eagle Education 10th Anniversary at Chester Zoo
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