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Rebecca Heyes

My goal is to become a Chartered Accountant.

I chose to study the AAT Qualification to pursue a career in accounting because I love working with numbers. As I had no accounting experience, I decided that the AAT Qualification was the best choice, as it starts with the basics and gradually builds up to more complex topics which provide an excellent grounding for professional studies.

Studying AAT has given me the confidence to believe that I will have a successful career and I no longer feel like I have no direction in life!

I secured a job as a Trainee Accountant in an accounts practice just as I was about to achieve the AAT Level 2 Accounting Qualification. Since then I have moved to a practice where I work as an Accounts Semi Senior. I am now studying the AAT Level 4 Accounting Qualification and after that I will study ACCA, as my goal is to become a Chartered Accountant.

Distance learning was perfect for me - I have enjoyed bettering myself and using my time to do something extremely beneficial.

Distance learning fits in around your life and your commitments and as long as you have the will power to study you will achieve great results! You can get through the exams as quickly or as slowly as you want to. Also going to college doesn’t suit everybody’s way of learning, whereas with distance learning you can study in the way that suits you!

I have overcome the challenge of trying to find time to study by not punishing myself if it doesn’t always go to plan, as I know that I can pick my studies back up anytime. The most important thing to me is just not giving up!

eagle are an amazing distance learning provider for AAT.

The team at eagle have made me feel welcome and supported from day one and I don’t feel like I am just another student to them. They have gone above and beyond to support me when I’ve needed it and I truly believe that I have been successful with my studies because of eagle. I love eagle’s Study Buddies and the Moodle site and all the staff are so lovely! Thank you eagle!

Rebecca Heyes

Josh Humphreys

The AAT Qualifications seemed to be in-demand by all accounts related jobs that I’ve seen advertised on all job sites.

My long term goal is to work in accounts, from the bookkeeping stage to trial balance and eventually creating final accounts. I wanted to learn a technical and in-demand skill and I enjoyed studying accounting in my previous studies so wanted to gain a standalone Professional Accounting Qualification in its own right. I carried out some research and saw that the AAT Qualifications are vocational and practical. They teach the skills that are used in practice so this type of qualification seemed to be the best starting point for me to be able to achieve my long term goal.

After completing my AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping Qualification I landed a job in Payroll! I honestly don’t think I would have got the job if it wasn’t for my AAT studies, as employers place great value in the AAT Qualifications.

I have a sense of achievement as I now feel like I’m slowly working towards my long term goal.

After completing the AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping Qualification I progressed to the AAT Level 3 Accounting Qualification. I particularly enjoy studying the bookkeeping and accounts preparation modules and as I pass my exams I feel more accomplished each time.

Distance learning is perfect for people who want the flexibility to study alongside work or family-life.

It provides me with good flexibility as I can study when I want and wherever I want. I work full time and try to study about 8 hours a week which can be quite tiring. I also bring my books into work with me so I can look over them when I have quiet days and during my lunch break.

eagle offer a very professional and personalised service and are always on hand if I need any help.

When I email my tutor for some help with a topic I may be struggling with, a tutor always responds very quickly with detailed explanations and helps me to understand a topic better. Students support each other in the Facebook group (Eagle Education Buddies). I also think eagle offers good value for money as they give a lot of support and provide a "Study Buddy" which also helps me to apply my knowledge.

Josh Humphreys

Sarah Williams

I’m now financially stable after being unemployed, with no money, no home and living in hostel.

Soon after becoming a single parent of two very young boys, I was made redundant twice! Finding myself in this situation made me realise that I needed to think about the future, so I could provide my family with financial security.

I had the opportunity to study with eagle using Redundancy Action Funding. It’s a scheme supported by the Welsh Assembly to help people retrain after redundancy. As financial support was only available for one year I set myself a goal, to achieve the AAT level 2 and AAT Level 3 Accounting qualifications within a year.

Achieving AAT Qualifications is the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m enjoying a new career and I’m now financially stable.

Whilst studying I had to move into a hostel. During this period I did find studying extremely challenging but despite all the setbacks I managed to achieve AAT Level 2 & 3 in Accounting within the year. It would have been impossible for me to attend college in my situation so distance learning was perfect for me.

Newly qualified and determined to get my foot on the career ladder I contacted accountants asking for unpaid work experience. I was turned away by many but I didn’t give up. I eventually managed to secure work experience which resulted in a permanent role in accounting.

Sarah was overwhelmed when she was awarded AAT’s first Student of the Year Award.

AAT representatives were truly inspired by Sarah’s story. In recognition of her determination and ambition to succeed, Sarah was awarded AAT’s first Student of the Year Award. They said she provided a superb example of how their qualifications are making a difference and helping people and organisations to develop and grow.

I can’t thank my mentor at eagle enough for the personal support she provided me with during what was an incredibly challenging time in my life!

Sarah Williams

Steve Wilson, Wilson’s Bookkeeping

Studying AAT Level 2 gave me the confidence to set up my own bookkeeping business - Wilson’s Bookkeeping.

When I initially decided to study accountancy it was with a view to a career change at some point in the future. Initially I just wanted to complete AAT Level 2 in Accounting and then look for a new job. However, I progressed to AAT Level 3 in Accounting and it gave me the confidence to leave a job that was not secure and that I did not enjoy, change my future career plans and set up business as a self-employed bookkeeper.

Distance learning suits my lifestyle.

I’ve really enjoyed studying by distance learning as I’ve been able to pace my studies and fit it into my lifestyle. I am free to study whenever I have time to. The bookkeeping unit at Level 2 was challenging but my tutor was only a phone call away and she helped to clarify my understanding on several occasions. I’ve also had to learn that sometimes you can over study and you need to learn when to walk away from your books!

eagle’s own study materials and online resources are superb.

The team at eagle are always on hand to provide help and advice when you need it. You do not just work through a book page by page. You use a variety of different resources from the Study Buddy to online learning and then the text book. This use of varying resources keeps learning interesting and makes learning easier.

Steve Wilson, Wilson’s Bookkeeping

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