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Need help finishing your AAT AQ2013 qualification?

Need help finishing your AAT AQ2013 qualification?

This article has been prepared for AAT students that would like to consider progressing to the next level of their AAT qualification following the AQ2013 syllabus.

All Awarding Bodies have to update and refresh their qualifications to ensure that they are still relevant to today’s workplace and that they reflect current education practices. AAT update their qualifications every three years.

On 1st September AAT launched their revised accounting qualification (AQ2016).  This time, there is not significant change to the content, but there are significant changes to the assessment methods.

If you were an AAT student member before 31st August 2016, you have not allowed your membership to lapse and you have started studying the AQ2013 syllabus then you have the following options:

Complete the level you are studying (AQ2013) by 31st December 2017

Progress to the next level on AQ2013 syllabus and aim to complete it by 31st December 2017

Progress to the next level on the AQ2016 syllabus

Some students are very keen to progress following the AQ2013 syllabus and we are able to help those students. Before you make your decision, we encourage you to:

Ensure your AAT student membership has not lapsed

Compare both routes and consider the pros and cons of each (a document has been provided below to help you do this and a link to another of our news articles)

Realistically look at the time you have available to study and carefully consider whether you’ll be able to achieve the goal you set yourself by the deadline (31st December 2017)

Allow for contingencies (so be generous with the amount of time you need to achieve)

Plan carefully and continue to work conscientiously and monitor your progress so you keep on track

Work with our mentors so they can assist you as and when you need it, as well as provide you with current guidance and advice to ensure you get the most from your learning experience

If you choose to progress on the AQ2013 qualification but are unable to meet the deadlines, providing you have followed the advice and guidance of our mentors, your achievements can be transferred to the AQ2016 qualification and then you can continue to complete following that syllabus.

We will be able to sell the AQ2013 syllabus until 31st December 2016. Sales will be at our discretion, as we want to ensure your goal is realistically achievable and we are able to assist you.

Are you interested in studying with us?

Even though our current website sells AQ2016 qualifications, you can still look on it for information:

Learn more about how our distance learning course work

Sample our learning materials

Find out about our AAT course fees (which are the same for both routes)

Here are some direct links for you: 


The qualifications being sold on our website are for AQ2016. If you’d like to register for AQ2013 please contact us to discuss this further.

We wish you every success on your AAT qualification!


Download file: AQ2013 to AQ2016 transfer arrangements

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