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AAT AQ2016 - how could it affect you?

AAT AQ2016 - how could it affect you?

On 1 September 2016 the AAT will launch their revised accounting qualfication (AQ2016).  Qualifications are reviewed and updated every three years to ensure they reflect current practice in education and the workplace. 

The subject content for the revised qualification is broadly similar to the current qualification (AQ2013). However, there are some significant changes to the assessment structure.

To summarise:

  •  Synoptic assessments have been introduced - once you have achieved the unit assessments, you will need to achieve an end of course assessment which assesses content from several units
  • An end of course grade will be provided - pass, merit or distinction (bookkeeping courses are not graded)
  • Some assessments will be wholly computer marked, some wholly human marked by AAT assessors and some a combination of both
  • AAT be responsible for all assessments so they will communicate how long you will be expected to wait for results when the new qualification is launched
  • At level 2 and 3 resits are restricted - you will only be able to sit each assessment twice during your annual AAT registration period
  • You may resit an assessment to improve your grade and the highest grade will be used towards the calculation of your final grade

How could this affect you?

  • All AAT qualifications are recognised by employers, regardless of the date they were achieved
  • If you are studying AQ2013 you will have until 31st December 2017 to complete the qualification you have purchased - which is highly recommended
  • We will continue to sell AQ2013 qualifications until 31st August 2016 - if you wish to purchase a course or progress to the next level on AQ2013 with us then you’ll need to purchase it before 31st August 2016
  • We will be selling the AQ2016 syllabus for all purchases on or after 1st September 2016

If you do not achieve an AQ2013 qualification by 31st December 2017:

  •  Some of your achievements from AQ2013 will be automatically transferred to AQ2016 (known as transitional arrangements)
  • Achievements from AAT qualifications dated prior to AQ2013 will not be transferable
  • You will be required to do the synoptic assessment to achieve AQ2016 and any unit assessments that have not been achieved

Our recommendation is for students to complete AQ2013 qualifications that they have purchased by 31st December 2017. If you need assistance with planning, please do contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

We have attached the AAT’s student guide so you can familiarise yourself with the AQ2016 syllabus.

To avoid confusion, we will not discuss transitional arrangements in detail at this point in time.


Download file: AAT's AQ2016 Student Brochure

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