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Course Overview

Level 3 2016
pass rate

89% National avg 74% *

An AAT Level 3 accounting course is an ideal starting point:

If you already have a solid understanding of the double-entry bookkeeping principles which underpin accounting processes around the world. This can come from qualifications and/or work experience. It is recommended you have a good standard of English literacy and basic maths skills.

By the end of this AAT Level 3 distance learning course in accounting you will be able to:

  • Apply accounting principles, concepts and rules to complete advanced bookkeeping tasks, including the preparation of value added tax returns and final accounts for sole traders and partnerships
  • Apply management cost accounting techniques to manage costs and revenues, maximise profits and help with decision making
  • Use spreadsheets at an advanced level and understand ethical practices for accountants

AAT courses from home are ideal for you if:

You want to start your AAT accounting course when you’re ready, study at a time and place that suits your lifestyle, set the pace of learning and assessment, and work towards your preferred completion date.

Many students tell us they’ve benefited from a boost in their confidence from participating in our exclusive training and development programme and that it’s had a positive impact on all areas of their lives. They frequently recommend our unique learning tools and compliment our teaching style and professional, yet friendly support in online reviews.

We’d be delighted to help you choose the accounting course or an advanced bookkeeping course that will help you achieve your career goals so please do contact us if you’d like to discuss your options further.

* Pass rate provided by AAT

What’s included and how does an AAT distance learning course work?

Your learning experience at eagle will be unique, as we provide high quality tuition to develop work-based accountancy skills and also provide opportunities for you to develop personally throughout your learning journey. Everything detailed is included in the course cost.


During the planning phase you will be introduced to your dedicated mentor and you will:

  • Discuss your career goals, your expectations and anything else that’s important to you during a telephone induction so you can proceed with confidence
  • Mutually agree a personal plan and a study pace that suits your lifestyle
  • Establish your relationship so you feel more confident asking for help, as and when you need it


You will benefit from comprehensive tuition and personal development using our unique combination of learning tools:

  • Our famous Study Buddy - our students’ favourite activity based, printed learning guide
  • Interactive online lessons which you can use as often as you like
  • Osborne text books (printed and online) packed with question practice


When you need it, we provide prompt assistance and you can benefit from the experience of our diverse team which consists of skilled mentors and practically experienced, qualified accountants.


You will test your progress throughout the course using progress tests and practice assessments which can be:

  • Computer marked which provide instant results and detailed workings and explanations for answers
  • Tutor marked with detailed feedback to develop your understanding
  • Or, marked by you using model answers if that’s your preference

Whichever method you choose, a tutor is always available to provide extra feedback, guidance and support, as and when it is needed.


Periodically, we invite you to review your progression with your mentor. You can review what is working well and look at what might need to change to help you move closer towards your goals.


Our students enjoy interacting and supporting each other in our online forums and Facebook study group.

What will I learn about?

By the end of the AAT Level 3 course in accounting you will be able to apply accounting concepts, principles and rules to confidently work in a financial accounting or management accounting role at intermediate level.

AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting
Subject (unit title) Some of the topics covered include:
Advanced Bookkeeping Advanced double-entry bookkeeping skills
Capital expenditure and managing non-current assets
Period end adjustments: inventory, depreciation, irrecoverable debts, doubtful debts, accruals and prepayments
The extended trial balance
Final Accounts Preparation Preparing accounting records from incomplete information
Producing accounts for sole traders and partnerships
Applying rules and regulations
Management Accounting: Costing Costing techniques: marginal and absorption
Accounting for materials, labour and overheads
Inventory control
Service and product costing techniques
Budgets and variances (fixed and flexed)
Techniques to support decision making: break-even, limiting factor, payback, net present value and internal rate of return
Indirect Tax (VAT) Understanding and applying legislation
Preparing VAT returns
Ethics for Accountants How to act ethically in an accounting role and use ethical codes
Spreadsheets for Accountants Use tools and techniques to prepare spreadsheets at an advanced level

How will I be tested?

AAT student membership

To study an AAT Level 3 course in accounting you have to register to become a student member of the AAT. You can enter for assessments once you’ve been provided with your AAT student membership number.

AAT course assessments

The course is assessed by a combination of unit assessments and one synoptic assessment.

AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting
Assessment Type
Advanced Bookkeeping Unit assessment
Final Accounts Preparation Unit assessment
Management Accounting: Costing Unit assessment
Indirect Tax Unit assessment
Ethics for Accountants Synoptic only
Spreadsheets for Accountants Synoptic only
Synoptic assessment (covering all topics) Synoptic assessment

About unit assessments

A unit assessment only tests knowledge and skills taught in that unit. At level 3 they are:

  • Available on demand, mostly all year round
  • Scheduled by and sat at AAT approved assessment venues
  • Marked by the computer providing instant assessment results

About synoptic assessments

The synoptic assessment is an end of course assessment which tests a variety of knowledge and skills from several units. At level 3 it is:

  • Attempted once the unit assessments have been achieved
  • Available during periods communicated by the AAT throughout the year
  • Scheduled by and sat at AAT approved assessment venues

Assessment results

Assessment results are available in your MYAAT account within 24 hours for computer marked assessments. For those assessments which involve human marking (Synoptic) you can expect to receive your results at a later date (timescales may vary and will be published on the AAT website).


To be awarded the AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting qualification you must achieve at least a 70% competency level in each unit assessment and in the synoptic assessment. The marks achieved in all assessments contribute towards the overall grades which are:

Distinction 90 - 100%
Merit 80 - 89%
Pass 70 - 79%


You can resit an assessment to improve your grade. Results from the assessment with the highest marks will be used to calculate your final grade. There are no resit restrictions or employer engagement requirements for any fee paying student on any of our AAT courses.

AAT Approved Assessment Venues

AAT assessment venues are located in the UK and other countries. Search for your nearest assessment venue here

How long will it take to achieve?

The AAT’s guided learning hours for the AAT Level 3 course in accounting are 390.

Guided learning is the time you usually spend learning new topics in a classroom which includes some question practice. Guided learning hours do not include homework or assessment preparation time.

Every adult’s ability to learn is vastly different. The beauty about studying an AAT online distance learning course from home is that you can study at a pace that suits your needs. As this is a practical subject, plenty of question practice is required so you may be required to study more hours to be adequately prepared for your assessments.

Based on past experience, you could achieve this course within 12 months if you study at least 6 - 8 hours per week as a minimum. For the best chance of retaining and recalling new information we recommend you study 2 - 3 times a week.

To maximise the opportunity of passing your assessments first time, saving you time and money, we strongly recommend you take full advantage of all aspects of our service.

Can I see a sample of the learning tools?

Our learning tools are created by a diverse team of highly skilled professionals who not only have extensive accounting and business experience but continuously develop their understanding about the conditions that need to exist for optimal learning. You will benefit significantly from our unique teaching style. We use modern teaching methods which imitate the way we learn and process information naturally. You can learn more in less time and develop a deep understanding of complex topics which is more meaningful and will be long lasting.

Activity based learning also keeps you engaged, stimulated and challenged as well as developing other essential skills required by the profession such as problem solving, analytical thinking and reflective skills so you can confidently and competently excel in your career.

At eagle we include everything you need to proceed confidently with your AAT Level 3 course in accounting so that you can achieve your AAT Level 3 qualification in the most time efficient and cost effective way.

This unique combination of learning material is only available from eagle:

  • Sample our students’ favourite: our Study Buddy, an activity based printed learning resource created by experienced accountants especially for distance learners. It’s packed with activities and learning and assessment tips
  • Sample our online e-learning lessons: accountants teach complex topics and invite you to interact to test your understanding. You can watch them anytime
  • Progress tests and practice assessments which can be self-marked using model answers, computer marked giving instant detailed feedback, or tutor marked to suit your preference
  • Osborne Books printed texts and workbooks which can also be accessed online: packed with question practice which is essential for a practical subject

We are very proud of the compliments that we receive from our students about the quality of our course materials and in particular hearing about how they benefit from our unique teaching style.

Tell me more about the support that is available

You will have access to an amazing pool of knowledge and experience here at eagle!

Your mentor is here to guide you throughout your development

Our mentors are here to guide you through the learning process. When you’re soaring to success they’re keen to celebrate your achievements with you! However, occasionally studying does get tough especially with today’s increasing demands on our time. If we try to figure out what is best on our own, we might never move forward. Your mentor is trained by professionals so they are equipped to provide the support that you might need to help you move forward, as and when you need it.

Our subject experts provide technical assistance

Our subject specialists have had long careers in the accounting profession, often in management roles and some work as exam markers and consultants for a range of awarding bodies. When you ask for help, or when you submit progress tests or practice assessments for marking, they will share their knowledge and experience with you and help you develop a comprehensive understanding so you can also be successful in your qualification and your career.

Support is available as and when you need it. We are here to help you achieve your goal in a time and cost effective way.

The aim of our team is to:

  • Build confidence, aid motivation and help you enjoy your learning experience
  • Maximise the development of skills needed to enhance career opportunities
  • Increase the opportunity for first time assessment passes saving you time and money

We guarantee you will receive an efficient and professional service

At eagle we work closely as a team so the service you receive will be continuous and consistent. Our policies and procedures will be communicated to you at the outset so you know exactly what level of service you’ll receive.

How much will it cost?

AAT Course Fee
AAT Level 3 in Accounting Course Fee with 18 months’ support £699
Payable in full or in equal monthly instalments within 2 - 12 months
2 Months £349.50 per month
4 Months £174.75 per month
6 Months £116.50 per month
12 Months £58.25 per month
Delivery Costs
UK Mainland £20
For islands and other countries please contact us for a quote
AAT Fees
AAT Admission Fee £43
AAT Annual Student Membership Fee (UK) £92
AAT Annual Student Membership Fee (International) £80
AAT Assessment Fees (4 at £44, 1 at £51) £227
Assessment Centre Invigilation/Administration Fees (5 from £20 each) from £100

Other helpful information:

  • All courses listed on our website are for AAT’s current syllabus (AQ2016)
  • All of the study materials and support that you need to achieve is included in our course fee
  • You can pay for this course in equal consecutive monthly instalments within a maximum of 6 months, delivery costs will be due with the first instalment
  • If you’ve been declared bankrupt, have a criminal conviction or civil offence record you will need to declare this so it’s best to contact AAT first before purchasing a course www.aat.org.uk/about-aat/professional-standards/fit-and-proper-requirements, tel: 0845 8630801
  • Membership fees are payable to the AAT
  • You pay assessment fees when you book your assessment at your chosen assessment venue
  • Invigilation fees differ at each assessment centre. For precise costs we recommend you call the venue that you would like to use
  • AAT revise their fees on 1st September every year
  • Our service agreement ends once you have received successful assessment results or after 18 months from the date of registration, whichever is the earliest
  • There is an option to extend your support beyond the initial contractual period for an additional fee if needed
  • Please see our terms and conditions of sale to be fully aware of your rights under the current consumer regulations
Sarah Williams

Achieving the AAT Accounting Qualifications is the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m enjoying a new career and I’m now financially stable.

Soon after becoming a single parent of two very young boys, I was made redundant twice! Finding myself in this situation made me realise that I needed to think about the future, so I could provide my family with financial security.

I had the opportunity to study with eagle using Redundancy Action Funding. It’s a scheme supported by the Welsh Assembly to help people retrain after redundancy. Financial support was only available for one year so I set myself a goal to achieve the AAT Level 2 & 3 in Accounting within a year.

Newly qualified and determined to get my foot on the career ladder I eventually managed to secure unpaid work experience, which resulted in a permanent role in accounting.

Sarah Williams

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